Add-Vantage IMS

Integrated Insurance management, Case Management Claims Management System, Hospital Information System

Add-Vantage PBM

Pharmacy benefits management solution e-Prescription

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Crosswalk Medical Necessity

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Drugs interactions Support over than 30 countries

AddVantage IMS Main Features

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Policy Administration

Imagine having a top-down, complete view of every client portfolio. Add-Vantage IMS Policy Administration makes this a reality by providing users a client-centric interface in order to manage the full policy administration lifecycle.

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Add-Vantage IMS offers robust billing functionality for both direct and broker/agency bill for all lines of business. Tight integration with the Policy Administration module allows for a quick view of billing status at both the client/account and policy level,

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The Claims module contains a breadth of functionality for all major claims functions. The module contains tight integration with the Policy and Reinsurance modules providing the user with point-in-time coverage verification based on the reported date or date of loss and incorporates Client,

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Most insurers think of reinsurance processing as an afterthought. In fact, in a recent survey, more than 80% of property and casualty insurers handle their reinsurance processing external to their systems using manual processes or spreadsheets.

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The integrated accounting module automatically captures all insurance and general business transactions processed anywhere within Add-Vantage IMS in real-time. Your financials are always up to date and you can manage your business in real time.

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Rating Engine

• The integrated Rules Engine allows you to load and maintain rates and business rules for all your standard and non-standard lines of business. The intuitive interface is easy to use; rates can be copied from Microsoft Excel, allowing business users to effectively manage rates without programming intervention

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One of the most common reasons insurers seek to replace their policy administration systems today is the inability to roll-out new products and make ongoing changes quickly to respond to market demands.

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Broker / Agent Portal

• The unique architecture of Add-Vantage IMS enables a simplified, cost effective approach for deploying an external broker/agent portal.
• Winsoft Solutions has built an intuitive, user friendly interface designed specifically for agents and brokers.

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Communications / CRM

If you have ever tried to integrate your core processing systems with an off-the-shelf CRM, you will immediately appreciate the integrated CRM functionality within ADD-VANTAGE Enterprise.

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Communications / CRM

Management dashboards provide valuable, customizable, real-time information on key performance indicators. Managers and senior executives can customize what they want to see, when they need to see it,

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Activity Central

Activity Central's intuitive interface allows every authorized member of your team to quickly view, schedule and execute everyday tasks

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Add-Vantage IMS provides a comprehensive set of standard reports, summarized and detailed, to enable superior performance analysis and better decision making throughout your organization.

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Document & Forms Engine

Save time and money by managing and maintaining your documents, declaration pages, policy forms and other correspondence within the intuitive Document and Forms Engine. Set-up industry-standard forms with a few mouse clicks and quickly create custom policy

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In order to fully harness the potential of the fully-integrated design of ADD-VANTAGE Enterprise, it is important to tailor the data, functions and processes to the different user audiences.

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Add-Vantage PBM & eRXIntegrations

The Add-Vantage Knowledge Base provides all healthcare information systems Insurance management, ePrescribe, codes edits and more - with the medical and drug data, and SDK necessary to integrate medical and drug data in a way

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Add-Vantage Medical Necessity Edits Integrations

Add-Vantage is totally independent and is based on guidelines from recognized bodies such as CMS, AMA, ADA, local authorities, and other recognized societies.

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Add-Vantage IMS

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